Inspired by Wes Bos, here's my uses page: a curated list of all the things I use through my everending journey as a Webdeveloper/Coach.

I love lists like this: it helps me to test new things for my workflow.

Note: this small website is built with Gatsby. Feel free to dig in the code!


Development Tools (Editor, terminal, …)

After years on Sublime Text then Atom, I switched to (neo)vim two years ago.
You can find my vim configuration here.

I use fish as shell (in iTerm2) with tmux.

My general dotfiles can be found here.

I use tomorrow night eighties for theme, with Dank Mono font.

I use docker and docker-compose for almost everything when it comes to dev environment setup.
I even wrote a dev-env scaffolder for my learners at BeCode, generating a docker-compose env from the command line.

Despite that I mainly use git in terminal (like a boss), I love using Tower for some specific scenarios like partial commits or cherry picking.

I don't design as much as I was used too, but still a big fan of Sketch for webdesign stuffs.

And when I used to make psd-slicing for a living (in the dark times of, like, 2007), I absolutely loved XScope. Still use it sometimes.

Desktop Apps

I love my Mac, but, damn, I never liked the Finder app. I used PathFinder for a long time, then fall in love with Forklift.

I'm a big fan of Station, where I got access to Slack, Ryver, WhatsApp, Google Drive & Agenda, Trello, and many more.

I use Alfred a lot. A lot. I have some personnal workflows, nothing really shareable (I type "coding" and it open my coding apps, or "administrative" for opening mail, billing stuffs…).

I use Things for handling tasks, Airmail for handling mails, and Reeder for handling feeds.
Oh, and 1Password for handling, huh, passwords and stuffs.

Chrome/Chrome Canary for dev, Brave for surfing.

Always behind a VPN. Currently using NordVPN.

I like having tools and utilities in my menu bar:


At home, I work on a Mac Pro (QuadCore 3.7GHz, 16Go RAM), overkill but fun. With three 27" Samsung displays, rack-mounted.
I use an old Behringer FCA 202 (Firewire audio interface), plugged in a Behringer Xenyx Control2USB, plugged to two pairs of audio monitors. Overkill-ish, but I like listening music in good conditions.

At work, I use a MacBook Pro 13" (Core i7, 2.8GHz, 16Go RAM), covered with random stickers.

I use the same keyboard/mouse combo for the two places : a Logitech MX Ergo and a custom Hi-Pro OLKB Planck, with Cherry Red keys and MiTo Legacy Keycaps - can be seen here.


My phone is an iPhone X (64Go), always in a neoprene sleeve Crumpler.

I try a lot of apps, but I only regularly use theses ones:


I do everything by foot.
I've tried many backpacks over the years, loved Crumpler's ones for a long time, but stopped to use them for a 5.11 Rush Moab 10.

It's packed with, like, everything, in a "EDC style": screwdrivers, first-aid kit, cables, external battery, a Leatherman, flashlight, working gloves, etc...

I'm not really a prepper, but I like to be prepared. Also, a lot of candy and an emergency cuddle cloth, as I have a little boy who like to run and climb everywhere and lost everything. ☺️

I have two pairs of bluetooth headphones: a pair of Shure SE215, and a pair of JBL T450BT - the Shure are great for crowded places or when I don't want to be disturbed.